Autographed Photos

All autographs are authentic autographs. Here is the list of all the signed photos and items we have for sale. See Autographed Items/Books for pictures of some of these extra items.


Autograph Pictures:  8 x 10

Leonard Nimoy
James Caan from Godfather
Cast picture from the Star Trek movie with six signatures
Julie Andrews
Tom Berenger
George Burns
Michael Caine
Tony Curtis
Harry Carey Jr.
Barbara Eden
Whoopi Goldberg
Tom Jones
Gene Kelly
Margaret Pellegrini - one of the munchkins from Wizard Of Oz
Robert Munch - Author
Carl Reiner
Tony Randal
James Stewart
Steven Segiel
Mel Tillis
Christopher Walken
Stephanie Zimbalist
Ron Carey
Abe Vigoda
Robert Vaughn
Robin Williams

Autograph Cards:
James Garner
Billy Barty
Charles Groden
Cary Grant
Sharon Gless
Alan Rickman
Jimmy Buffet
Ray Walston
Harry Carey Jr.
Priscilla Lane
Greg Joy


 all signed

Hagar the Horrible hand coloured signed by Chris Browne  + copy of letter confirming authenticity

Lanny MacDonald signed print of hockey score

Ray Boone, signed baseball cards

Cal Abrams signed black and white 8 x10 (baseball) inscribed to me

Greg Louganis signed People Magazine from March 1995

Otto Graham, b + w 4x6 signed (football player)

Bill Weber b + w 4x6 signed (baseball player)

Gary Kubiak  b+w 8X10 (football)

Rich Karlis  b+w 8X10 (football)

Bruce Jenner  colour 8X10

Red adair  colour 4x6

Ottawa 67s – 4 players and coach – b&w 8x10s

Mike Bossy 8x10 colour, not in uniform

Rick Hansen man in motion signed hat

(book) Besieged a doctor’s story of life and death in Beirut – signed by Dr. Chris Giannou – author – with copy of letter from him confirming authenticity

(book) Gold at Last – signed by Sylvie Frechette – author & Olympic synchronized swimmer

Gordon pinsent -  8x10 b&w

Candace Bergen 8x10 colour

Signed books by Robert munsch

4x6 b&w Alex Barris with copy of note confirming authenticity

Elvis stojko – 4x6 colour (skater)

Lauren bacall – 8x10 colour

Robert stack 8x10 b&w

Joey bishop 8x10 b&w

Greg morris 8x10 b&w

Connie chung 8X10 b&w

Letter from Gwennifer flowers

Brian Mulroney 8x10 b&w

Grace lee whitney colour 8x10 inscribed to me

Jean crietien  8x10 colour

Ken taylor singed letter with replica of congressional medal

Barry Morse 8x10 colour as Lt. Gerard in the Fugitive

Susan sarrandon 8x10 b&w

Richard moll 3x4 colour

Patrick mcnee 3x4 b&w

Phyllis coates 8x10 b&w

Russell Johnson 8x10 b&w

Jack Lemmon signed caricature

Mort walker

Don ho 8x10 colour

Harry carey jr. B&w 8x10 soldier

Art carney 8x10 b&w

Miss America 1994 kimberly aiken b&w 8x10jeff bridges from kiss me goodbye 8x10 b&w

Wally zatylny  signed football card\

Jimmy buffet 8x10 b&w

Bebe neuwirth – b&w 8x10

Marvin hamlisch – 8X10 b&w

Sargent Shriver – signed and dated – b&w 8x10

Douglas Fairbanks jr. B&w 8x10 signed and dated

Dinah Christie signed therm-a-l’eau with letter from her

Star Trek

Canadian Prime Ministers