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Book Author


Like A Charm 

15 Writers 
INCAS The Puma's Shadow A. B. Daniel
The Northern Light A. J. Cronin
Star Trek: Sarek A.C. Crispin
Star Trek: Yesterday's Son A.C. Crispin
The Quiller Memorandum Adam Hall
Remembered Death Agatha Cristie
The Gastronomic Murder Alexandra Roudybush
The Spy Went Dancing Aline, Countess of Romanones
Ice Station Zebra Alistair Maclean
Seawitch Alistair Maclean
The Guns Of Navarone Alistair Maclean
South by Java Head Alistair Maclean
Bear Island Alistair Maclean
The Secret Surrender Allen Dulles
The Israelis: Founders And Sons Amos Elon
Quiet Heroes Andre Stein
The Origional Sin: A Self Portriat Anothony Quinn
My Young Years: The Exuberant Autobiography Arthur Rubinstein
Masterplan: Judaism - It's Program, Meanings, Goals Aryeh Carmell
Suspicion Of Vengeance Barbara Parker
The Assistant Bernard Malamud
Doctor Zhivago Boris Pasternak
Cuckoo's Egg C. J. Herryh
The Archangel Project C. S. Graham
The Lincoln Lords Cameron Hawley
The Dragons Of Eden Carl Sagan
Contact Carl Sagan
Stressed For Success Cathy Guisewite
The Blue Girl Charles de Lint
The Actor's Life: Journals 1956 - 1976 Charlton Heston
The Chosen Chiam Potok
Still Me Christopher Reeve
The First Billion Christopher Reich
By Way Of Deception: A Devastating Insiders Portriat of the Mossad Claire Hoy, Victor Ostrovsky
Treasure Of Khan Clive Cussler & Dirk Cussler
Israel's Best Defense Col. Eliezer "Cheetah" Cohen
The Palermo Ambush Colin Forbes
Firefox Craig Thomas
The Bear's Tears Craig Thomas
Split Second/The Christmas Train   - IN ONE BOOK David Baldacci
The Ransom Of Black Stealth One Dean Ing
The Queen Of Ashes Deborah Turner Harris
The Two Mrs. Greenvilles Dominick Dunne
The Changing Wild Don Coldsmith
The Traveler Don Coldsmith
World Of Silence Don Coldsmith
United Nations Divided World Douglas Roche, MP
Coup D'Etat: A Practical Handbook Edward Luttwak
Red Snow Edward Topol
Night Elie Wiesel
The Supernaturalist Eoin Colfer
The Shadow of the Lion Eric Flint, Mercedes Lacket, Dave Freer
Renewing The United Nations System Erskine Childers with Brian Urquhart
The Keep F. Paul Wilson
Moon Music Faye Kellerman
Street Dreams Faye Kellerman
The Forgotten Faye Kellerman
Deep Sleep Frances Fyfield
The Negociator Fredrick Forsyth
The Odessa File Fredrick Forsyth
The Twilight of the Presidency George E. Reedy
Vengeance George Jonas
The Cooler George Markstein
Holocaust: A Novel Of Survival And Triumph Gerald Green
Holocaust: A Novel Of Survival And Triumph Gerald Green
Jews And Money: The Myths and the Reality Gerald Krefetz
To Live And Die In LA Gerald Petievich
Goodbye To Some Gordon Forbes
The Haldeman Diaries: Inside The Nixon White House H. R. Haldeman
The Strange Land Hammond Innes
Where Love Has Gone Harold Robbins
Memories Of Another Day Harold Robbins
The Betsy Harold Robbins
Goodbye, Janette Harold Robbins
For 2Cents Plain Harry Golden
Tuesday The Rabbi Saw Red Harry Kemelman
The Valhalla Exchange Harry Patterson
Bridget Jone's Diary Helen Fielding
White House Years Henry Kissinger
The Glory Herman Wouk
This Is My God Herman Wouk
War And Rememberance Herman Wouk
War And Rememberance Herman Wouk
The Hope Herman Wouk
A Kind Of Wild Justice Hilary Bonner
The Watch That Ends The Night Hugh MacLennan
Jerusalem Mosaic: Young Voices From The Holy City I. E. Mozenson & Lois Stavsky
The Family Moskat Isaac Bashevis Singer
Judaism Isidore Epstein
Confessional Jack Higgins
Day Of Judgment Jack Higgins
Drink With The Devil Jack Higgins
Caribbean James A Michener
The Fires Of Spring James A Michener
Imperial Express James Bellah
Sea Strike James H. Cobb
Vets Might Fly James Herriot
Something To Die For James Webb
A Matter Of Honor Jeffery Archer
Before You Go Jerome Weidman
Crew Chief Jesse T. McLeod
Life Wish Jill Ireland
Cruel Doubt Joe McGinniss
The Sot-Weed Factor John Barth
Ice Lake John Farrow
The Brethren John Grisham
The Testament John Grisham
The Brethren John Grisham
The Looking Glass War John Le Carre
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy John Le Carre
The Russia House John Le Carre
The 13th Juror John Lescroart
Women And Thomas Harrow John P. Marquand
Time Bomb Jonathan Kellerman
A Cold Heart Jonathan Kellerman
The Conspiracy Club Jonathan Kellerman
The Harrowing Of Gwynedd Katherine Kurtz
Code To Zero Ken Follet
A Dangerous Fortune Ken Follet
Paper Money Ken Follet
The Ragman's Son: An Autobiography Kirk Douglas
Brainrack Kit Pedler & Gerry Davis
African Nights Kuki Gallman
O Jeru-Salem Larry Collins & Dominique Lapierre
Last Seen Alive: The Search For Missing POWs From The Korean War Laurence Jolidon
Funeral In Berlin Len Deighton
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Spy Len Deighton
The Masada Plan Leonard Harris
The Anglo Saxons Lester H. Gorn
We Were Soldiers Once…And Young Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore (Ret.) & Joseph L. Galloway
The Spy Catcher Trial Malcolm Turnbull
Dragons Of Summer Flame Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
Crime In Question Margaret Yorke
The Sicilian Mario Puzo
The Fourth K Mario Puzo
The Fourth K Mario Puzo
Omerta Mario Puzo
The Door Through Space Marion Zimmer Bradley
A Sign Upon My Hand Marjorie Duhan Adler
Michael! Mark Bego
The Men We Left Behind Mark Sauter & Jim Sanders
Gorky Park Martin Cruz Smith
The World of Sholom Aleichem Maurice Samuel
Jews, God And History Max I. Dimont
Star Trek: The Tears Of The Singer Melinda Snodgrass
EVA Meyer Levin
The Fanatic Meyer Levin
Sphere Michael Crichton
Airframe Michael Crichton
Timeline Michael Crichton
Timeline Michael Crichton
Disclosure           (Signed By Author) Michael Crichton
Star Trek The Next Generation & X-Men: Planet X Michael Jan Friedman
Loitering With Intent Muriel Spark
Mitigating Circumstances Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
In The Heart Of The Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex Nathaniel Philbrick
For Victory In Peaceful Competition with Capitalism Nikita S. Khrushchev
The Book Of Dreams O. R. Melling
An Exchange Of Eagles Owen Sela
Live Bait P. J. Tracy
Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart: A Groupie Grows Up Pamela Des Barres
Undercover: The Men and Women of the S.O.E. Patrick Howarth
Destination Disaster Paul Eddy, Elaine Potter, Bruce Page
Breach Of Promise Perri O'Shaughnessy
The Peking Mandate Peter Siris
The SAS Philip Warner
Ties That Bind Phillip Margolin
Centaur Aisle Piers Anthony
Demons Don't Dream Piers Anthony
Crewel Lye Piers Anthony
Isle Of View Piers Anthony
Heaven Cent Piers Anthony
Man From Mundania Piers Anthony
Macroscope Piers Anthony
Golem In The Gears Piers Anthony
Vale of the Vole Piers Anthony
Carve Her Name With Pride R. J. Minney
The Evil That Men Do R. Lance Hill
Most Secret War R. V. Jones
The Martian Chronicles Ray Bradbury
An Exposure of the Heart Rebecca Busselle
Memoirs Rene Levesque
Green Knight, Red Mourning Richard E. Ogden
Starmageddon Richard Rohmer
The Horse Latitudes Robert Ferrigno
Neil Simon's: California Suite Robert Grossbach
Dragons At The Gate Robert L. Duncan
The Apocalypse Watch Robert Ludlum
Rock Secrets Robyn Bowman
Escape From The CIA Ronald Kessler
Moscow Station Ronald Kessler
The Keys To The Street Ruth Rendell
Escape Into Darkness Sonia Games
Perjury Stan Latreille
"Our Crowd": The Great Jewish Families of New York Stephen Birmingham
Pet Sematary Stephen King
Rose Madder Stephen King
The Take Over Stephen W. Frey
Prime Witness Steve Martini
M Is For Malice Sue Grafton
Evidence Of Blood Thomas H. Cook
Tess of the D'Urbervilles Thomas Hardy
The Web And The Rock Thomas Wolfe
Politika Tom Clancy
Fighter Wing Tom Clancy
Into The Storm Tom Clancy
Shibumi Trevanian
It Happened To Didymus Upton Sinclair
Star Trek Enterprise: The First Adventure Vonda N. McIntyre
The Investigators: New Badge Of Honor Novel W.E.B. Griffin
Strike! Walter Stewart
Eagle In the Sky Wilbur Smith
Marathon Man William Goldman
Dead Men Do Tell Tales William R. Maples, Ph.D. & Michael Browning
The Ghosts Of Africa William Stevenson
Sarah The Duchess Of York: My Story With Jeff Coplon
Official Album: Olympic Sports - Montreal 1976  
The Sagas Of Icelanders  
Mike: The Memoirs of the Rt. Hon. Lester B. Pearson Volume 1  
Yeager: An Autobiography General Chuck Yeager And Leo Janos  
Nutrition Disorders Of Children: Prevention, Screening, Followup  
Guiness World Records 2000 - Millennium Edition  
The State Of Canada's Enviroment  
When Rabbit Howls  
Catherine Walker  
King Kong  


Giving Medications: Nursing Photobook        
We Are The Children: A Celebration of UNICEF's First 40 Years Judith M. Spiegelman & UNICEF
The Timechart History Of The World        


Aekyung's Dream     x5 Min Paek