These toys are all new, never played with or in like new condition unless otherwise mentioned





Black Horse


Literally a TEDDY bear

Paperbag Princess Doll     SOLD

E.T.  -  In good shape but has the odd scratch on the eye

Trustee! This amazing toy comes with his a backpack that he fits in and inside his own backpack he carries a story book, a notepad and a pillow.

National Geographic Gorilla/Monkey

Beary Beautiful Bride and Beary Handsome Groom

Honeymoon Hanna and Newlywed Fred

Wedding Ducks - Buy Seperately Or The Whole Wedding Party!

Abby Rose, Lady Bearington

Daniel the bear wears a yarmulke and holds a dreidel and a pouch with a Star of David on it. He sings the Dreidel Song.

Victoria the bear wears a pink sun hat and dress. Her mouth moves to the words as she sings the song “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow”.